Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nottingham is love....

So, basically I couldn't be happier right now!

No more gloom and doom Kelsey for awhile!

Training has been going really well so far, it can be a little long and tiring at times but for the most part I'm really learning a lot and I know God is going to do great things this year!

Funny story though, but first let me explain our schedule 
Breakfast 8-9
Devotional 9-9:30
Break 9:30-9:45
Morning Session #1 9:45-11
Break 11-11:20
Morning Session #2 11:20-12:45
Lunch 1-2
Afternoon Session #1 2:30-3:45
Break 3:45-4:15
Afternoon Session #2 4:15-5:30
Dinner 6-7
Evening Activity 7:30-whenever
Lights out 11

So you can see it's a pretty jam packed schedule...

Well, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep since I've been on my computer talking to everyone back at home so I've been wicked tired the past few days.....

Here comes the funny story....yesterday at afternoon session #1 we were talking about personal sin and I could feel myself dozing off, but I was holding it together. But, then the speaker went into a prayer and in a prayer like position I totally fell asleep, and I woke up a little later and everyone around me was staying up with their hands in the air.....STILL PRAYING! I mean I love to pray, but I don't like the marathon prayers, but anyways I was just thinking in my head "Oh crap....what do I do? People are going to think I'm like unholy!" But shortly after the prayer ended and everyone sat down. My friend Caitlin said that she just thought I was in a super intense score one for Kelsey!

But, I really love it here. I'm meeting some great people and making some friends that I know are going to last awhile!



GMA said...

Love the blogs! When you set up shop in your new home, please send pictures of how "neat" you keep the place and pictures of the meals that you prepare!

Love you loads! GMA

Brittany Castle said...

Ah classic!!! That is funny! I love reading this, I check it everyday :)

It is so great to hear you are finally loving it. God IS going to do some amazing things through you! I keep you in my prayers everyday!

I miss you so much, and can't wait for November to get here! Love you best friend!!!


Anonymous said...

this is a stupid question- arent u peyton's sister??? if not im soooooooooooooooooooo sorry! o and if so ill tell peyton u said hi.