Saturday, September 20, 2008

A very productive Saturday!

So, this was my first productive Saturday in Middlesbrough....and what a great day it was!

I woke up at around 10 and I basically slept walked downstairs to check my clothes that were line drying they weren't dry yet so I went back inside to take a shower. I then proceeded to be very productive I reorganized my drawers, changed my sheets, and put up all of my clothes. While I was doing this I was still half asleep and after all of this I fell back asleep. I woke up again about an hour later and Nicole and I ate breakfast and waited for Ste to get up and then we decided to go into Middlesbrough and do some stuff.

We took the train from Nunthorpe to Middlesbrough and went to the 02 mobile store, because Nicole and I were thinking of setting up a contract thing where we pay 20 pounds a month for unlimited texting and 600 minutes, because this pay as you go thing isn't very good at all. It turns out though we need to set up a UK bank account, but HSBC has this passport account thing for people who come over for a few months so we're going to look into that.

Ste showed Nicole and I where all the good shops were and stuff so now Nicole and I know where to go. We got simple things like a hamper and a bin so we're set for awhile. 

And then we went to the most exciting place in England.....TESCO!!!!!!! AH! I love it there :)
We stocked up on groceries and we mostly bought healthy stuff, so I'm really excited! 

On October 11 Nicole and I are going to YFC commissioning in Coventry and I'm so happy to see everyone from training again! It's kind of like an induction into YFC and everyones families will be there, but Nicole is my family this year so it'll be good. I'm so excited for her to meet everyone!

Tomorrow Ste is taking Nicole and I to get a proper Sunday lunch! Yay!

Well, Marc introduced us to a website where we can watch The Office for free! So until next time.


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