Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day off!

Wow, so can I just say that I honestly cannot remember a time where I have been this exhausted and felt so drained? 

I love training and the people, but this schedule is way intense, but luckily we had a day off today!

I went into Nottingham with a few of my new friends and we just walked around, went in a few shops, ate and came back to the university(where we're staying)

I then proceeded to facebook, watch Secret Life of the American Teenager(amazing), and take a nap....I'm lazy.

Not much to report after that...but it was really good to get a day off and clear my head a bit and get ready for my last few days of training. 

My team leaves on Sunday, which is about 5 days earlier than everyone else but I'm glad that I'll be able to have about a week to settle into my new home.

Nicole finally gets to the UK on Sunday!!!!!! She's also bringing peanut butter :)

British lingo lesson of the day:
When you say something is "top banana" that means cool.

Haha, amazing right?



Anonymous said...

What a difference a week makes. You've gone from extremely homesick to finding new friends and excited to settle into your new 'home'. That makes me so happy. I still miss you terribly but it's so great to see you enjoying the journey.

I love you tons!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kels! I finally checked out your blog! SOunds like you are having a great time! I am so proud for you! I'll check in with you later!!! Delaina

Anonymous said...

oh kelsey i envy you so much!!! what an amazing and life changing experience you must be having especially when you get to really examine your relationship with God. It feels like nothing has changed for me at UT because the people i hang out with are my friends from Berkner...which isn't bad it's just not new. I miss you so much and i can't wait to hear more about your adventures in England!!! i love you!!!! Adriane

Stacey Raymer said...

Kelsey, you are TOP BANANA to me. :) See how British I am?