Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, don't take the little things for granted

So, for the first time ever I did laundry last night WITHOUT a dryer! Let me tell you it was not so fun. First of all the washing machine is teeny tiny and Nicole and I basically filled it to capacity. To dry our clothes we laid them over the many radiators in the house, it dried the clothes pretty quickly but they're pretty stiff now. Any suggestions?

It's been a pretty chill past few days, Neil has been out sick so Amy and I have been going to the school and not doing a whole lot, because Neil has the majority of our school stuff. Today we just helped out the librarian with getting the library in order and organized, also I ran my first ever lunch club! I did it on the prodigal son, and I kind of went off what we did when we were at Kings Academy, but still! It was great, we had a really great discussion and I'm a happy camper.

Later on Nicole and I are going to Redcar which is right by the sea to have a lemon top with Lauren! It's actually a really pretty day here in northeast England so Nicole and I are going to take advantage of that!

So, this may sound totally lame but I'm really going to need some prayer as the weather starts getting colder and colder. I was clearly not made for cold weather and I picked one of the coldest places that I could ever see myself, so yeah. Nicole and I are doing alright for now, but we're both pretty big babies when it comes to the cold so just keep that in mind!

Until next time,


delaina said...

Hey Kelsey! Glad to hear that you are fine! Maybe just hanging you clothes up to dry somewhere around the radiator will help! I had that problem in College! I will be praying for you---I hate cold weather to, although I am sure in England it gets a little colder than in South Arkansas! Love you-Delaina

happy gram said...

ha! and i was just lamenting this HORRID texas weather! when i was in bulgaria, i decided to handwash my jeans at night. i thought i could dry them by laying them on the radiator. had to get up at 4 in the morning and dry them with my hairdryer for 2 hours - still damp along the seams. ewwww.