Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I should probably start writing more frequently....

Alright, so I haven't posted in awhile because things have been pretty slow lately. I'm not complaining though!!!

I didn't really do much last weekend, Nicole and I hung out all day together just hanging around the house which was nice. We both needed to relax and just have a mental health day. Sunday was my first time to attend church over here and I went to Great Ayton Methodist Church and it was good, pretty contemporary. I met loads of people and I can't remember most of their times, but I'll get there. I had to go to the front of the congregation and get interviewed, which was fun. Although, occasionally I would kind of forget what they asked me and I was already half way through my answer so I would always find somehow to direct my answer towards God.

Then on Sunday night Ste had a few people over and it was good to meet more people! Yesterday we had volunteer induction and then Fiona (my locations manager) took Nicole and I out to lunch and after that I hung around the house until I had to go to youth group for Great Ayton. It's a good group and for the younger ages we're starting the NOOMA videos by Rob Bell so I'm pretty excited!

Today we had a full team meeting and we had to climb Carlton Bank which is a hike! Whew. We just took time up there to pray over Tees Valley and dedicate this year to God, it was really neat.

Tomorrow my schedule kind of returns to normal and I start going to school again!

Happy day!


P.S. Can anyone tell me how to post pictures on this?

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