Friday, September 12, 2008

Who knew youth work could be so exhausting?

Wow,  so I think that this week has drained me, but in the best way possible.

I had to wake up again at around 8 today to be picked up at 9:20, and then Neil and I went to the school (Amy was working at Staples today), and we went into tutorials and hung out with the kids for awhile, and then we basically sat around for a couple of hours making a flyer to advertise all the lunch clubs we do during the week. Then, during lunch we had the Year 7-Year 9 lunch club called Rock Solid, and they're a fun group....very energetic though. After that we really had nothing going on until about 4:30, so Neil dropped me off at home.   I got to relax for a couple of hours.

At 4:30 Neil picked me up, and we went to Stokesley Methodist Church for their weekly after school club, and I can tell I'm really going to like doing that!  (Only about 3 kids were there but they're a really fun group.)

After that let out at around 6:15, Neil dropped me off at St. Mary's Church Hall where Ste and Nicole work; we're putting on a huge youth-night club-sort-of thing for Year 9-Year 11 and the theme was "back to school", so the kids were supposed to wear school-type clothes. Let me just say that I have never seen so many stomachs, short skirts, and high heels in my entire life. Nicole and I really weren't sure what to think.....but then again it is a good way to reach out to the kids in the community. That ended at around 9:30, and we got home about an hour later after cleaning up the church hall.


I really need it; I'm so exhausted, and I kind of think I deserve to sleep in a little. But, I think Nicole and I are going to attempt to do a little laundry and go hang out with Lauren. 

It'll be a pretty chill weekend; I just have church to go to, and even on Monday I really have nothing to do until that night due to volunteer induction, so all-in-all it's going to be good.

I can really tell that I'm going to love what I'll get to do this year, even though I hate the weather.



Anonymous said...

Wow you seemed super busy! So there's Staples in England?!

Stacey Raymer said...

Update your blog, please. Thank you. :)