Friday, August 29, 2008


Day 4 in England.......I guess you could say I'm adjusting? But, slightly not?
Training was a bit on the boring side today, just going over YFC policies and such. Not too much to report there. 
Nicole will be here in a week! I'm pretty excited about that! I need someone else who talks like me and who doesn't exactly pick up on that famous British humor.
Tonight we're going out to eat and then to bowl......haha, which  I'm not so great at. 
We leave Sunday morning for Nottingham, so that should be good.
So, weird fact last night season 3 of Grey's Anatomy ended here.....really weird. 
I'm definitely missing home, I think just because basically all of my friends can just leave school on Friday and go home to see their family and I can''s really hard.
Although it's pretty good because I stay pretty busy during the day, so I really don't have that much time to miss home.
I think things will be fine once I finally settle in to the townhouse with Nicole and Ste and I have a normal routine, something I really need in my life. 
Well, I better go...I have to leave for dinner soon.


Stacey said...


Keep the faith! It will only get better! I love you! See, God gave you a gift: Grey's Anatomy. :)

Lauren(: said...

Aw Kels I love reading these! Have fun girl(: Maybe you could end up marrying a british boy ... Lo<3