Sunday, February 22, 2009


My monthly youth event, S1 was on tonight and it was really good.

For a long time now two of my Rock Solid lunch time girls have been on my heart. Their names are Abby and Maisy, and they are two of the sweetest girls. They're both consistent with coming to Rock Solid every Friday and they always bring a certain joy to the club. 

I encouraged them both a couple of weeks ago when I last saw them to come to S1 and lo and behold they showed up tonight! They kind of stayed near me all night, which was alright with me. I just loved getting to hang out with them and talk to them in an informal setting.

Neither one of them are Christians, yet they keep coming to a Christian based lunch time group and a Christian based monthly youth event. I just can see that there's something there and I can't wait to see it flourish.

Even if a seed has been planted, that would be awesome. I might not ever get to see the outcome of that seed, which is totally fine.

Just knowing that they're interested and curious means the world to me.

I just thought I would share that seeing as it's been on my heart for a while now.


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Kendel Pryor said...

thats great kels!!! remember to keep loving on them and just encouraging them, the Lord will use you in huge ways as he clearly already is! =D love you.