Saturday, February 21, 2009


My blogs seem to be getting a little more consistent, every week or so. I could definitely start doing better though. I'll work on it.

This week has been really good. It's half-term so Nicole and I haven't had to work at all, which is nice. A break here and there is appreciated. 

To be honest we haven't done too much this week. Monday we had our belated Valentines Day which consisted of chick flicks and ice cream. Tuesday-Thursday we really didn't do much at all, just relaxed and hung out together at home. Yesterday was a great day, we woke up fairly early about 9 AM (believe me that is early when we had been sleeping in all week) and we caught the 10:05 AM train into town. We went to the movie theater and saw a double feature and afterwards we went to Nando's! So all in all this week has been just what I needed.

To be honest, my work schedule for the rest of my time here is really nothing at all. I work this next week and the next and then I'm off work for two weeks. One for a retreat with the rest of the YFC volunteers and the next week my family arrives! I then work two more weeks, and then Easter Break comes along which also lasts two weeks. After Easter Break I work five weeks then Nicole and I are off to Oxford for May half-term. Finally after that I work about three and a half more weeks and then Nicole and I are coming home for good! It's crazy to think about how much time is really left here in England.

I'm a little bummed this weekend though. It's Chi-Alpha weekend, and I'm not home for it. It's my first one to ever miss since I was first able to participate in seventh grade. It's really cool though because a lot of my friends came home to be leaders, and I'm so proud of all of them. I will for sure be there next year as a leader, so I guess a year isn't too long to wait really.

My house in Garland has been sold and my family has to be out of it by March 9. It's a really weird and kind of sad feeling knowing that I have slept in my house for the last time. It's okay though, because my family and I are going to start a new life in Blue Ridge, Texas. 

I have to work tonight for the first time this week. Our monthly youth event known as S1 is on. I also have to teach a Sunday School lesson tomorrow morning, so my half-term is technically coming to a close really fast. Oh well, it will be good to work again.

I hope you're all having a great February! 


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