Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half term is rocking my world

Right now all over the UK schools are currently experiencing this amazing, wonderful, spectacular thing known as "half-term" which basically means NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK!


I thought this would be my busiest time to work, but not really since mostly what I do is schools work. So, needless to say I'm a very happy camper.

Nicole, Lauren (our friend from YFC), and I drove down yesterday to a seaside town called Whitley Bay to visit our friend Libby from training. We just spent the day hanging out, and Nicole and I were introduced to British fajitas. This may sound not so appetizing to all you Texans reading this, but oh my cow they were amazing! They basically use most of the same stuff that we do except the add red peppers (which I love) and this sauce called sweet chili which is incredible! 

It was a good day, but Nicole and I crashed when we got home last night.

For the next couple of days before Nicole and I leave for London we have the house to ourselves, which is just kind of exciting.

We made blueberry muffins this morning, and we probably should clean some time today....we'll get around to it eventually.

On Thursday night we'll stay at our location manager Fiona's house and early on Friday morning she'll drop us off at the train station and we'll be on our way to London! Happy day.

Apparently I should be posting more "meaningful" stuff on my blog, which I will get around to when I start working again, but as for now I'm happy with writing the pointless stuff of my day to day life. I think my Grandma would have to agree.

It's getting really cold here, it's actually supposed to snow today and again on Thursday...haha great.

I can't wait for snow, but I really want my new coat that my mom bought me first.



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chelsea katherine said...

girrrrl! you're back in dallas? do they celebrate halloween in england?