Friday, October 24, 2008

Best day I've had in a long time!

So, this week has been pretty slow due to everyone being anxious for half term which is finally here!

I had a fairly not too productive week at work, which I didn't mind at all. 

I haven't been sleeping so well this week, which is weird for me. In the past 3 days I had gotten maybe a total of 5 hours of sleep.....not good. However, luckily last night I went to bed around 10:30 and woke up this morning at 11 am! It was glorious! 

Today hasn't been my most productive day, but it's just been such a great day. I woke up late and then proceeded to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on iTunes and that always puts me in a good mood! I then decided today would be a great day to change my sheets, dust my room, and do my laundry! 

I also listened to a lot of great music today, and that always puts me in a good mood. 

I bought tickets to see Wicked in London next weekend! I'm so excited!

Next Friday I leave to go to London with Nicole and Tom, and to say I'm a little excited would be an understatement. 

Nicole has never been to London before, so I'm excited to do all of the "touristy" stuff with her. Plus, I haven't seen a lot of stuff either so it'll be good to have a genuine Brit as our tour guide.....haha well maybe.

In about a week and half I'll be in a plane flying home!!!!! 


I just have to add one more thing for my Dad:



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