Sunday, October 12, 2008

And it hit me.....

This past week has been good, not too much to report really.

Yesterday all of the yfcone volunteers from Tees Valley YFC travelled down to Coventry for comissioning aka induction into YFC.

I was ecstatic to see all of my friends from training who I had really been missing.

As usual we were late to arrive and we had to go sit in the balcony, which was disappointing but it was alright.

We worshipped for a little while, and it made me so excited because I really haven't had decent worship since training. While we were singing one of my favorite songs "Came to Rescue" it suddenly hit me, that I know for a fact that England is where I'm supposed to be this year.

When I decided to take this gap year I felt deep down that it was right, but I didn't have a "burning bush" moment if you will. Well, I didn't until yesterday that is. 

It was such a cool feeling just looking around the room and seeing all the people that I've gotten to know better and better over the past month. I never really took my Dad's advice which was "Remember to look at every person you meet as a possibility for your next good friend." My Dad was absolutely right while I was meeting people at training I was homesick for the first few days and I really forgot to look at people as potential life long friends, which was daft on my end.

I have met some truly amazing people already this year, one of the whom is really one of my best friends. This person and I just had one of those instant connections and just clicked. I love this person (not romantically at all though) and I really wasn't expecting to make any friends like that, but I did and I'm glad God blessed me with a pretty great friend like Tom Spicer.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel like I finally belong here, I mean I even said car park yesterday like I'd been saying it my entire life. I know God is going to do some amazing things this year throughout the UK and he's already been doing so. 

But, I am really excited to go home and see my family and a few of my friends, I really miss them all. 

Um, side note....did everyone see the most amazing football game ever? TEXAS-45 OU-35!!!!!




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happy gram said...

daft? definitely british word.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome everything is going so well.
I'm not a Texas fan, though, I must say.
And I use "daft" all of the time, too! (Especially around Ashlee, because she doesn't like the word retarded.)