Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm still alive I swear.....

So, I know I haven't blogged in ages but what can I say? I guess I'm just a horrible blogger, which I'm not even going to try to deny.

December is always one of the busiest months for me, and it seemed to double this year being a youth worker. It seemed like I was doing a lot more since Neil jetted off to India, and I was left in charge of everything Stokesley. It was an exhausting, but good month to finish 2008 off with.

On December 19 Nicole and I found ourselves making our way back to the beautiful state of TEXAS! To say we were excited would probably be the understatement of the year. We were both so thankful that the missions committee allowed us to spend Christmas and New Years at home with our family and friends. We considered ourselves very lucky since the majority of the other foreigners over here doing a gap year got to spend their Christmas in the UK. But, during one of Gary's sermons he said that Jesus never went "home" for Christmas and that really stuck with Nicole and I. 

Our two weeks at home were absolutely amazing, but before we knew it January 2 rolled around and it was time to make the long trek back to England. It was kind of bittersweet, but we knew going back was what we were called to do. We were only in the Northeast for about a day and a half before the entire Youth for Christ organization met up in North Wales! 

Staff conference was exactly the boost I had been looking for. It was so good to see everyone from training, and just catch up with them. Our speaker for the week was Leonard Sweet, a fellow American! He said some things that really stuck with me, and I know I'll hold on to them for the rest of the year. 

I returned back to my normal routine of work last week, which is good. But, it just hit me the other day that I have already completed half of my time with YFC which is really odd. I know the next 5 months are going to fly by and I just want to take in every possible second. 

I apologize again for being such a horrible blogger, but hopefully I'll start writing more and more frequently. Lord knows I have enough free time on my hands, so I really have no excuse.


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