Thursday, December 18, 2008


Nicole and I completed the first leg of our journey a couple of hours ago!

Our YFC director Andy Robinson dropped Nicole and I off at the bus station in Middlesbrough at around 10 am this morning and we then proceeded to wait around for a few hours for our bus for Manchester to arrive!

Not to much to report on the bus ride, I felt like I was going to camp or something. Nicole and I listened to our iPods for most of it, but we both perked up when we were coming into Manchester. We were mesmerized by the city, needless to say we are now huge Manchester fans. 

We're staying at a hotel at the airport called Bewley's and it's pretty snazzy. For dinner we had the best sandwich ever, it had pastrami, mayo, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos on it! :)

Now we're just sitting in our room trying not to fall asleep since the airport shuttle is picking us up at 4 am. Our flight to Amsterdam is at 6 am and we have an hour and a half layover there and then we catch our super long flight to DALLAS!!!!!!

Nicole and I will arrive into Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport at 1:35 pm tomorrow! 




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