Friday, January 14, 2011

New year, new goal?

So, lately I have really been into reading other people's blogs so I figured I should probably update mine. My goal much like my good friend Sarah's is going to be to at least update my blog once a week. I think that's doable, I like to think I have plenty to report even if it's just school and such.

I wanted to reflect back on 2010 and see what were the highlights!

Wonderful things that happened in 2010:
-Successfully finished my freshman year of college!
-Made some amazing friends at the University of Arkansas
-Went on vacation with the fam to South Carolina
-Worked at K-Kauai and met some truly amazing people
-Rangers went to the World Series!
-My Arkansas Razorbacks made it to their first BCS bowl, they lost but that's okay.
-I got to serve as activities head for my sorority
-Learned some pretty cool new things about Jesus, which I always love
-My aunt got married in March! So happy for her, and I love my new uncle.
-Went on a cruise to the Caribbean with my Dad's side of the family
-Got my scuba diving certification

Challenges of 2010:
-My first semester of freshman year......2.69 GPA, not my best work.
-My heart was wounded a few times due to the wonderful male gender. It's okay though! Getting you heart broken makes you learn a lot of new stuff about yourself.
-Finally becoming content with going to school in Fayetteville

Things I'm looking forward to in 2011:
-Growing stronger in my faith and walk with the Lord
-Completing my sophomore year of college
-Hopefully moving out of the dorms for good
-Working at K-Kauai for another summer

All in all my 2010 has been amazing. I've gotten some bumps and bruises, but the good has definitely outweighed the bad. I am so blessed and the Lord continues to show me how much each and every day.

Happy 2011!

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