Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm back!

Wow, I can't believe it's almost been 4 and a half months since I wrote anything! I've really been missing blogging lately, so I thought I would try my best to get back into it!

Well, I'm not in England anymore.....I'm currently attending the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I love it! I'm finally getting to pursue my degree in Early Childhood Education which makes me so happy! :)

The days are starting to get colder, which I have to say doesn't make me too excited. Seeing as I'm a Texan through and through I was not made for cold weather. My father informed me the other day that he thinks it gets colder in Fayetteville than it does in Northeast England.....not cool. Although right now the leaves are changing here in Fayetteville and it's so pretty :) pictures don't do it justice.

Let's see....what can I tell you about my life. In less than 2 weeks my family finally gets to move into our beautiful new house in Blue Ridge, Texas! I am beyond excited! It will be good to have some room again, I think Peyton and Claire would have killed each other if we had to stay in the duplex much longer. I think the number one reason I'm most excited to move into the new house is so my wonderful sheltie, Finn can finally come home once and for all! My Grandma and Grandaddy have been saints while looking after him since March but I'm ready for him to come back to North Texas where he belongs.

So, I didn't do the whole rushing thing here at school. However, I did join a Christian sorority called Sigma Phi Lambda. There are about 70 girls in it altogether, and I just really love it. It's exactly the kind of thing that's right for me. :)

Other than that my life mostly just consists of school, which isn't so bad. I'm actually loving learning for the first time because I know it's leading me to the job that I was made to do.


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