Friday, March 6, 2009

March is here :)

I am so excited that the month of March is FINALLY here! It is one of my all-time favorite months! People always ask me why, and to be honest I'm not really sure why. March just always seems to hold good things for me. 

Um, so super exciting news! Today I was waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come to take me home, and all of a sudden I got really hot. Granted I was wearing my giant black eskimo-like jacket, but I took it off! Do you know what this means?! SPRING HAS ARRIVED IN ENGLAND! Oh my cow life is good.

Things have really been great these past couple of weeks at work. I'm sorry to say I really don't have much to report, but I don't know things have just been extra good lately :) I think with spring my mood just automatically improves. I also seem to get in a "winter funk" I hate being cold and it takes a toll on my mood. Not that I've let it affect my work, but it has affected my mood quite a bit every once in a while. 

I'm sure some of you want an update on my two girls, Abi and Maisy. They're still coming to Rock Solid consistently and I just love on them and yeah. I'm on a two week hiatus from work due to Midyear Retreat and then my family coming (yay!). But when I return I fully intend to build my relationship with them even more and share my testimony, or even just why I came to England to hang out with them. 

I'll be AWOL the next couple of weeks, not like it will make that big of a difference at all though. Haha. 

Please keep my family in your prayers as they move to Blue Ridge, Texas tomorrow. Especially pray for my little brother, Peyton and little sister, Claire. They are the two coolest kids in the world and I admire them both so much for being so brave during this move. They may look up to me, but what they might not know is that they're my heroes. 

Happy Friday everyone!


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Angela Elledge said...

Hello Miss Kelsey - Taylor and I are enjoying Spring Break together...oh, never mind, she's sleeping all day and I'm working. Why don't you add the follower button to your blog, then I'll be reminded to come by when you have a new post. Take care.