Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, I decided that maybe I should start blogging a little more frequently so I won't have to have giant entries that take forever to write. 

These posts might be a little shorter, but at least they'll be coming out everyone wins right?!

Last night we had our monthly youth event known as S1 (which stands for Stokesley 1). This event is basically just a fun time for kids to come and play games and do something fun outside of our normal daily events we do in the schools. About 15 kids showed up which I was well pleased about and there were a decent number of girls! Last time there weren't any at all so I was very happy there were this time around. :)

Anyways, last night's theme was USA so needless to say I was pretty happy about that! I really didn't get to plan much for this one due to the fact that I've been away, but all in all it turned out really well. 

We started out with an icebreaker called "Drip, Drip, Drop" think of  it being kind of similar to "Duck, Duck, Goose". You have a glass of water in your hands and you walk around the circle and on each person you stick your hand in the water and lightly sprinkle them whilst saying "drip" and then you pick one person and say "DROP" then you proceed to pour quite a bit of water on them and then they chase you around the circle. This was pretty funny, but it got a bit dangerous because the floor got especially slippery and I was constantly having to mop it up.

The next game was called "Burger King" and before the event Neil (my line manager and guy I work with) had heated up about 10 hamburger patties and we proceeded to make 2 very large hamburgers and we put brown sauce (barbecue sauce) all over them. The group was then split up into 2 teams and the first team to completely finish their burger won! It was pretty gross to watch, but very entertaining. 

Our next activity tested the kids knowledge on their Americanisms. We gave them the British word and they had to tell us what it's American equivalent was. For example I would have said "nappy" and they would have to tell me the right word for it was "diaper" and so on. Haha, but the one that nobody got was what the American equivalent to "sticky bun" was, I'll give you a nickel if you can tell me what it is! The game resulted in a draw aka a tie! Ah! I sound British! :) Anyways, so I asked them how many original colonies there were in America and they could not answer that question at all, someone eventually guessed it but out of pure luck.

For our more serious time Neil interviewed me about my life in America and asked me to give my brief testimony and asked me why I had decided to come over to England for a year. Well, I'm naturally an expert now in that question, it's becoming second nature to me. After that was done with Neil had about a ten minute talk with them before they completely lost focus and we had to move on to our final game. 

It was a game called "Banana Split". The two teams that we had been using all night had to pick four representatives to participate in the game, two had the easy job and the other two had a slightly messier job. The two unlucky kids had to put a trash bag around their top half and then lie down on the floor while the other two stood on a chair directly above them. The two on the ground had to put a banana in their mouth while the two on the chair proceeded to pour whipped cream, strawberry syrup, and cherries all over them. Hence the name of the game...."banana split". It was a pain to clean up, but it was quite entertaining to say the very least.

Ha, so I hope you now have some idea of what my job as a youth worker consists of :)


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